H2S Treatment

Reduce costs and increase work safety without harming the environment

Nordic Tech Solutions provides a cost-effective and non-hazardous solution specific to industrial applications for hydrogen sulfide removal.

The foundation of our technology is a patented catalyst that is widely used along with an oxidizer as a cost-effective and rapid way to eliminate H2S. The decisive advantage of our solution is greater efficiency. Our method combines unique chemistry into an oxidizing system that eliminates hydrogen sulfide by converting it into elemental sulfur and water through a rapid chemical process. By converting hydrogen sulfide into elemental sulfur, our solution helps you to reduce costs by eliminating the problem in an early stage of the treatment process and thereby limiting the damage from corrosion it causes to infrastructure.

Our solution not only helps you to lower maintenance costs. It also provides a safer work environment for your employees without posing a threat to the environment, as the technology is chemically engineered to only target problem compounds.

Our solution is currently used in facilities worldwide to solve the widespread problems caused by H2S in multiple industries.

Nordic Tech Solutions ApS

Nordic Tech Solutions specializes in creating cost-effective solutions to all industries that need a solid solution for surface treatment and hydrogen sulfide removal.

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