Industrial Coating Solutions

Increase economic life-time in a more cost-effective and sustainable way

Nordic Tech Solutions provides new and innovative coating solutions to industrial applications that ensure high durability for ultimate facility protection.

Our coatings are based on an advanced and worldwide patented technology that is a specialized continuation of the sol-gel procedure

The decisive advantage of this technology is that it not only improves surface properties – but optimizes them to ensure permanent stability of the coated surface, allowing your product to perform better compared to those of your competitors.

Our coatings are easy to process and due to their high durability performance, you can substitute conventional multi-layer systems with just one layer, which ensures a significant reduction in material consumption and application time.

Our coatings prove beneficial to the environment, as their key attributes enable you to lower energy consumption and the emission of CO2. No toxic chemicals are needed to preserve a clean surface, as they all have easy-to-clean properties.

This ability combined with high durability, contribute to increase the economic lifetime of the coated subject, which allows you to reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

We offer protective coatings that apply to light metals and concrete/cement-based surfaces and they are currently used as protection against carbonization, UV-effects, chloride ions and graffiti in a series of ongoing applications within several industries worldwide.

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Nordic Tech Solutions ApS

Nordic Tech Solutions specializes in creating cost-effective solutions to all industries that need a solid solution for surface treatment and hydrogen sulfide removal.

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