Increased Product Performance

Our coatings are based on nanotechnology, which is a field of research that involves manipulation of materials on the scale of atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology is measured in nanometres, where 1 nanometre equals 1-billion of a metre. To provide a context: 80.000 nanometres are required to match the diameter of a human hair, which makes it impossible for the human eye to see.

With the ability to work at this nanoscale, the laws of physics and chemistry become inapplicable and great opportunities to design and create specific molecular structures emerge. The decisive advantage of using chemical nanotechnology is that it enhances product material with key attributes, including hydrophobic and oleophobic resistance, which results in increased product performance.

Increased Economic Lifetime

By using nanotechnology, we are able to provide the market’s most cost-effective coating solutions, as water and oil repelling features contribute to increased economic life-time of the coated subject.

These key attributes allow our coatings to solve central industrial issues in a more efficient and sustainable way by reducing the time/overall need for maintenance and the consumption of toxic chemicals in the cleaning process. Only chemical free cleaning procedures are needed to maintain a clear and clean appearance, as liquids simply run off the coated surface.

Our coatings are available for multiple surfaces, including concrete and metals, and can be applied on old and new concrete, cement and paint surfaces. They can be applied through fast and easy application procedures and require a minimum of surface preparation.

Nordic Tech Solutions ApS

Nordic Tech Solutions specializes in creating cost-effective solutions to all industries that need a solid solution for surface treatment and hydrogen sulfide removal.

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