Sour Gas & Acid Gas Treatment with Talon™ Reagent

Nordic Tech Solutions provides the market’s most efficient and cost-effective gas treatment solution for removal of hydrogen sulfide and other undesired contaminants.

Our patented technology is designed to treat high volumes of sour gas, acid gas and biogas to zero PPM H2S by converting hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur. Our technology for hydrogen sulfide removal is the only solution available in the market that removes 100% of H2S at any stage of the production process.

Through implementation of our innovative oxidizing system, clients within the oil and gas industry have been able to significantly lower the hydrogen sulfide risk throughout their operations and thereby lower overall operating costs. Compared to competing offerings, our technology ensures high performance at the lowest cost per pound of sulfur removed and due to reduced operating pressure, our customers have been able to increase their oil and gas production. Our technology is not only highly competitive and cost-effective, it is also HS&E friendly as the chemistry used is non-hazardous and biodegradable. Generated sulfur is purely organic and thereby non-hazardous as well.


  • We offer an intelligent automation design that minimizes the risk of downtime and as a result reduces maintenance costs.
  • We are able to create a very HS&E friendly environment by removing H2S and other hazardous contaminants.
  • We provide a system that works in a wide range of operating temperature and pH.
  • We offer a high-performing and cost-effective solution that protects infrastructure and removes oxygen – no generation of thiosulfates, formaldehyde or dithiazine solids.
  • We work in close corporation with our customers and utilize custom clarification to provide a solution that fulfills their needs.
  • We put our highly experienced team at disposal to assist our customers and react if something unexpected occurs.

Nordic Tech Solutions ApS

Nordic Tech Solutions specializes in creating cost-effective solutions to all industries that need a solid solution for surface treatment and hydrogen sulfide removal.

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